Resource leak?

Is there a known resource leak of sorts in Rhino during file operations, especially opening or importing files? I have come across this in all versions of Rhino from 4 to 6, but did not test extensively with 7. After a large number of files are opened in a single session, typically with rhinoscript, but it happens manually too, Rhino is either unable to find the file to open, even though it was picked through the open file dialog - or crashes outright. I cannot tell more than that. It probably doesn’t have much to do with total heap but maybe file handles.

Hello- not that I know of - can you provide even a little more information about what you are doing? Are the files large? Do they have a lot of textures? Plug-in data? Are they generating meshes on opening? Does the problem occur if all the files are just simple new files with just a box or something? Are you opening 3dm files or some other format? Are the files opened locally or from a network or cloud-sycned location? Etc…


Sorry, due to sporadic/upredicable nature, I don’t have too much information. The files opened or imported are Rhino files. The only non-shipping plugin data involved may be Brazil, but only on occasion, most are vanilla Rhino files. There are hardly any embedded textures, wallpapers or anything else. When scripting, I frequently clear undo buffer. Meshes are generated in many cases as the input files may have been saved small. Files are opened almost exclusively from mapped network drives (with drive letter, not UNC path), but never a drive root, which I know is a known problem.