Rhino crashes and corrupts files- even old closed

I’m running Rhino 7 and am a long-time user.
I am having file corruption issues like none I’ve not seen before, nor can I find a thread for them.
While using a file that had been saved and reopened I was exporting STls, and it froze my machine. Sometimes if I wait it clears, but not his time- I had to do a hard crash. One might expect to have lost recent work at the moment, but when I try to open any Rhino file created in the last week all are corrupt. even ones that had not been open in days. Files are unreadable on others machines I found during a test. I have been making incremental copies a lot as this problem has happened a few times… but it will corrupt old files too so backups don’t really help. This makes no sense to me. However my STL files are ok, so it’s not all files in the folder getting corrupted. One oddity is that I manually made it auto save my file… and that file did not get corrupted, likely because it was in another folder and drive.
To make it extra bad, the Rhino autosave function now seems random. I’ll work on three files in a day and only one will be auto-saved.
Any help is appreciated as I now randomly lose days worth of work.
Errro says my file ’ is not a Rhino m_archive’

Run the Rhino command SystemInfo and post the results here.

Where are you saving your files to? A local hard drive? Cloud? ???

Hmm, you are not the only one. See Lost files. And from a while back Rhino3dm file.3dm not an m_archive when adding 6 or more vertices to mesh.

local hard drive

stls in the same folder are ok… but a few rhino files are corrupt

thanks didn’t see these… but don’t think it’s the same thing.

i was not adding surfaces and was not on the cloud. but error is the same

Hi -
As already requested, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

rhino system info.txt (2.8 KB)