Resizing pop-up toolbar

I had a similar issue yesterday. The width was correct, but the container ignored the height. Deleting the container and recreating was the only thing that corrected the problem.

Also @pascal, my team syncs toolbars. Our Rhinos are pointed to a read-only share with the toolbars.RUI. I make changes, and they automatically appear in all the clients.

Now, we need to sync the containers that hold the toolbars. 1) There isn’t a way to put all of those containers into a single file. 2) Each individual file has to be manually imported on each client.


This is what I need the most. I can’t keep my workspace synced between two computers I use.
Here is the topic, for the record:

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I’m currently evaluating version 8 and am finding the pop up menu very frustrating. I’ve created a container for my imported menus (my pop up has 3 tabs). Rhino sometimes displays it at my preferred ratio (13 icons wide), but mostly defaults to a narrower version (7 icons wide).

More frustrating is that I am constantly dragging tabs off the menu so I have to go through the rigmarole of adding them back. This seems to happen with the tiniest movement of the mouse, and is very annoying. I must do it five times a day! So far I haven’t managed to find a way of locking them so this can’t happen.

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Same here, I’m finding it frustrating and my muscle memory has been with a 3(w)x6(h) pop up for years so it sounds petty, but its preventing me from switching full-time to R8 becuase it is slowing things down and I can’t afford the time to be slower in my work.

@pascal is there anyway that a solution to this can be looked at? Could we escalate it or somehow?
Thanks, Jon. :slight_smile:

If any of you are experiencing issues where PopUpToolbar stops working all of a sudden, I think we nailed down the cause in this thread, So far, if I use a max width command window, PopUpToolbar continues working:

@pascal I just installed Rhino 8.7 and I’m having the same trouble as others. The popup menu no longer remembers my preferred aspect ratio. The MMB popup is always 4x8 regardless of how the container is set up.


It’s infuriating. The whole Rhino 8 UI is like this, as if no one who published the software had tested it in the real world. It needs to be solved to permit users to actually work instead of wasting our time trying and failing to repair the UI or spending significant amounts of time creating or defending detailed bug reports on the forums. Half those reports get lost, neglected, or punted for years, which sucks in ways I hesitate to put into words in public.

The Rhino UI used to help speed up my work. Now it just gets in the way. I keep trying to use 8 but within about 20 minutes I end up saying **** it and going back to 7 where, despite its many problems, most of the UI was trustworthy and there were fewer non-UI bugs to negotiate.

I’d be happy to screenshare for a few minutes with anyone on staff who would like to save hours of Discourse time just seeing what it’s like for me to try, and eventually fail, to work in 8. It would save me so much time and be far clearer to you guys what we’re dealing with out here. How much of my time has 8 squandered? I don’t even want to try to put a number on it.

To be clear, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I love Rhino, I need it for my work, and I have faith that McNeel cares even more about it.

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