ToolbarGroup minimum / fixed size?

top toolbar group

it is possible (and should not be possible) to scale the top toolbar group to less then a minimum size.

pop-ups / dialogues

regarding pop-up / dialog windows - it looks like some of them can be scaled, some have a fixed size.
for _blendCrv it would be great if the (Flip 1 - Flip 2) buttons would be in the same Column as the check-boxes for Continuity - not left aligned.

by the way - filletSrfToRail is great tool

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom -

Apparently, that’s the container that is being resized, not the toolbar that it contains. This is on the list as RH-74842 min height for toolbar tabs

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RH-74842 should be fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 6 Release Candidate. Please test it out.

Dear @dan thanks - I will wait for the full SR 8.6 but then I will test it. Sorry for not testing the candidates. kind regards-tom

RH-74842 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 6

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