Rhinoceros 8 - Popup toolbar resized

Hello good fellas,

I am experiencing some issues after upgraded my workstation to Rhinoceros 8. The problem is the changes due to toolbars/containers.
I made a small video that shows exactly what I mean. I resize the popuptoolbar and the next time i use it, it doesn’t follow the size I reshaped it before.

Known problem. Will be fixed… sometime.

Workaround: RH8 - Popup - size setting

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I wish that is really on of those that get fixed… not forgotten :slight_smile: ehehehehe!!!
Thanks 4 your reply!

Seems it is in current SR3.

Well, there is a workaround after the release candidate, it was fixed, probably by a “collateral damage”. After you properly set that window layout, you use Size to Content. Then after close it you will see it next time as you wished it to be :slight_smile: