Resetting the main menu

I’ve unistalled VisualARQ trial plug-in but the software left the main menu item with all its submenus.
How can I restore the default menu. I don’t want to reset my toolsbars, because I have a lot of custimization. Only the obsolete pulldown menu.
Can anyone help?

@Rodri - got an idea about the stray VisualARQ menu?
@juancarreras, if you have heavily customized your toolbar file, you should SaveAs from Options > Toolbar page’s File menu to a different name to help save your modifications.


I already save my custom interface periodically but won’t this save also the menu that I’m trying to get rid of ? If that’s the case it will creep in again if I restore my settings. Will it not? or only the toolbars are saved … ?

In Options>Toolbar, you can close specifically the Visualarq toolbar.

Click on the visualarq toolbar, then File>Close, then save your file, close and restart Rhino.
Does this help ?

Sorry, it didn’t occur to me because I didn’t have actual toolbars showing from visualarq, but indeed, closing the file, removed also the menu.
Thanks again.

Hi all, I think @fsalla maybe has an idea…

Hi Juan,
You can try to manually delete the “visualarq.rui” toolbar file that might remain in your PC. You can find this file in the following folder: C:\Users\”UserName”\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\UI
Kind regards,

I understand that the problem is a remaining menu, not a toolbar. Are you adding the menu via the rui file, maybe? Juan- if the RUI file from VA is open in Options > Toolbars, close it from there - if the menu is from the rui file, it should go away.


Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I did what @BaptisteC suggested and the menu went away.
Thank you all.