How to remove double menu item? (Rhino 5)

For some strange reason, occasionally when I install a plugin, I end up with 2 menus for it instead of just the one. VisualARQ is one of them and I have no idea how to remove the extra one. I’ve looked at the Workspace Editor, but in there only one menu appears so there’s nothing to remove.

Where is Rhino getting/saving this EXTRA copy of a menu item?

You should look at Tools>Toolbar Editor then select the toolbar you want to close and then go to the file>close

The problem is not with a toolbar, but a menu item across the top or the UI. I have 2 dropdown menus with the exact same name and functionality. (BTW there is NO “Toolbar Editor” under “Tools” - Only “Toolbar Layout …”) I’m on Rhino 5

interesting! may be a screenshot will help to understand better.


Screenshot included

Hello - look in Options > Toolbar > Tools menu > Workspace Editor… make sure the VA rui file is the selected one in the editor and look in the Menus tab’

There may be two entries, possibly? Feel free to post the rui file here.


That’s what I did originally BUT this time i decided to check the other rui’s and it seems i had 2 of them (named differently) so I deleted one and that fixed the problem. The duplicate came about because i saved it as a backup but rhino kept both active hence the dupe menu.

Thanks for the help.

I noticed the same thing when using _TestPackageManager and you install plugins that you already had installed. Then a second menu appears. You’ll have to delete/uninstall one of the duplicate plugins.