Restore V4 toolbar icons

Hi everyone!
I have accidentaly deleted a couple of buttons from my SetView toolbar. How can I reset the changes made in this particular toolbar without affecting the rest of my custom toolbars and layout?

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It would be a very wise decision if the future Rhino releases have an option to reset individual toolbars (or be able to import individual default icons including their text commands) so that the users could restore only one or a few of them rather than losing their custom toolbars and/or buttons by resetting the whole UI.

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Hello - first try renaming the ‘rui’rui.bak’ file that should be in the same directory (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\UI ) as just .rui extension and open that from Options>Toolbar page - if it is correct, SaveAs and overwrite the broken one.


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Also suggest saving your toolbars under any other name. ‘Default’ will be overwritten with any updates/service releases or release candidates.

Actually, Rhino installers never overwrite the existing default toolbar file because it may have been customized by users. The default toolbar file can only be overwritten by the ToolbarReset command.

Thanks Kelvin.
Curious when did this change? Can you elaborate, please. I’ve only found Wiki refs.: (Last modified: 2019/01/23 (Last modified: 2019/01/23)

Extract from: (Last modified: 2016/05/17)
Advice: If you have changed the default workspace (default.tb) in any significant way, we highly recommend that you save it under a new name. New installations or updates of Rhino can overwrite the default.tb, wiping out all your customization in an instant. Go into into Tools > Toolbar Layout, click File > Save As and give your modified workspace a recognizable name. Always do all your modifications on your custom workspace. Save this file somewhere else as well as a backup (preferably on another computer, like all important documents). Think of how much time it will take you to recreate it if you lose it.

@Fred_C, thanks for pointing this out.

I tested the Rhino 4 installers. Rhino 4 uses the .tb toolbar file format stored in

  • Uninstalling Rhino 4 deletes the default.tb.
  • Rhino 4 SR installers do not overwrite the default.tb.

The toolbar file format was changed to .rui in Rhino 5. The default.rui is stored in
C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\UI

  • Uninstalling Rhino 5 does not delete the default.rui. (This is the difference.)
  • A new installation does not overwrite the default.rui.
  • Rhino 5 SR installers do not overwrite the default.rui.

The fresh copy of the default.rui is stored in
C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Packages\ui (any).rhi
The .rhi is a zip file. The ToolbarReset command extracts the fresh default.rui to replace the existing default.rui. is updated to reflect the fact. Thanks.

@KelvinC Thank you.

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Thanks everyone for your help. Problem solved!

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