Rhino 7 Feedback

these r my suggestions:

  1. First for this forum - you should make multiple categories search option.
    For example if i want to search or post in rhino for windows and rhino 7 and on certain topic

  2. Options is one of the most important parts of the program but there is no quick button for it (i know i can type it in … but still…)

  3. In RH 7 autosave is not saving at precise times i assigned.

Thank you
For the rest its an excellent program!

It’s in the top “standard” toolbar, the little gearwheel icon…

Use the Search options button to take you to Advance Search where you can qualify with multiple criteria, for example:

But be warned, because people are inconsistent in their tagging you may miss stuff if you set your criteria too tightly.

Hello - please see

Help on Autosave


Thank you all for your kind replies :slightly_smiling_face:

One more observation, of malfunctioning:

When i select and try to modify (move, delete, enlarge) any annotation ( text or dimensions) the process freezes for few seconds …

Autosave files after a crash disappear from autosave folder and are found in the Trash bin … that is a bit strange imo

Hello - if Rhino closes cleanly, the job of the autosave file is done - they are moved to the recycle bin so that you can retrieve them if needed - they are only kept in the autosave folder if Rhino does not close properly, i.e. crashes. They are not intended to be a substitute for the Save command.