Save file preferences

I forgot the method for which to save the window, tool bars, aliases, ect. Any hints? I do remember it creates a text file that can restore your working prefs on import. Here was the last one I did but need a fresh one since making some new aliases.

2-5-14.ini (218.5 KB)

Hi Jody - currently, toolbars are saved separately from aliases and other Rhino options - Rhino’s general options can be saved with OptionsExport. Is that what you have in mind?


Hi Pascal,

 Thanks for your response and I had finally found the Options Export which is what I remembered. But didn't that used to help with the toolbars? I sometimes open a file and my toolbars are all over the place (a common gripe here on the forum) but thought that OptionsImport from a file where everything was just like you love it would take care of that. I guess I just need to do the Toolbar Restore or whatever it is called. Think I have things figured out now. 

Thanks again for your response.