RhinoScript Editor bug/lost features

In V5 editor, when displaying hint for methods that have more than one possible input, we used to be able to use up/down arrows to quickly preview the input options. I don’t see it in BETA. It was actually quite handy - any chance it can work again?


Also, couple of other ‘setbacks’

  1. Before, when any text was selected, the Find dialog would automatically paste the selected text into the search field.
    This is gone now.
  2. The Find dialog doesn’t remember the used settings like before, always defaulting to “Selected” (search in) and unchecked all options. This is the Find configuration that is hardly ever used (at least here) so at each search we have to reset the settings.
    Could that ‘stick’ as it used to ?


Hi jarek - thanks, I’ll see if we can get this tuned up.


Hm - it looks like each is somehow paying attention to the selection for Find and replace in the other, at least some of the time, and I see that Ctrl-F opens a second window on both when toggling back and forth between 5 and 6.
Ah, no, I see it is the box from one staying in front of the other Rhino when switching back and forth… looks funny though.


Hi Pascal - thanks! The only thing I need to clarify that not only checkboxes clear, but the Find always defaults back to Selection (and not From Cursor or Entire Scope) - ideally that one would also ‘stick’ as it did before.


Hi jarek - that bit seems to be working, here - I’ll poke some more. Ah, OK I see - if I close the box, make a new sleection and open it again,not just leave it and make a new Ctrl-F with the box open, I see what you see.



yup. you got it! it used to stick… “Selection” is the option that we probably never used for “Find”.

Hi @Dale,

Any chance to have this fixed soon (back to normal V5 functionality)?
Makes it much more cumbersome to try to script in V6 now - trying to transition/upgrade our toolset for V6.



Hi Jarek - Checking it… thanks. I know the first part about multiple possible inputs is not likely to happen any time soon - these options were hand-coded by David originally, is what I understand, and that makes it very hard to maintain…so I’m not sure what is possible or practical there.

These - “Find options (check boxes) are cleared for every use of Find and replace”

"Selected text does not show up in the Find what field as it does in V5 "

seem no longer to be true, actually… do you see that?

Hm, Well, sometimes at least. I just saw it fail on Dale’s machine…


Hi Pascal,


Over here with V6 SR4 RC2 the Find copies highlighted text only first time, then it doesn’t work.

They clear here every time. I mostly need to use “Search hidden text” and it always clears.

Only thing that sticks and seems fixed is the drop-down list (Selection/From Cursor/Entire Scope).

thanks for looking into that


Bump : these 3 nuisances are still present in RhinoScript Editor in V6.
We are @ SR 12 and this regression is still there… I understand that multiple possible inputs may not happen, but the 3 other basic problems are still there, and running into the 100s times a day is getting a bit old :frowning:

  • Find options (check boxes) are cleared for every use of Find and replace

  • If the search box is closed with ‘Look in:’ set to anything but ‘Selection only’ and then reopened with some selection made in the editor, the ‘Look in’ reverts to Selection only, rather than the last used.

  • Selected text does not show up in the Find what field as it does in V5 - it seems to work the very first time but after that the text stays regardless of the current selection when Ctrl-F is fired off.