Wish: options dialogue with searchbar

The Rhino options dialogue is a behemoth of a multitude of uncountable settings.
And that is fine, I like to be able to decide my preferred style of using Rhino.
It’s just that sometimes (not to say more often than not) I need more time to find those settings than I would like.
So imho a search bar in the settings dialogue which would point or link to the right place would be a really neat idea.

Hi Norbert - you can search for options in the Rhino Options > Advanced section.

Thanks Wim.
I didn’t know of this, even though it is present in version 6 too.
One never stops to learn new things, I guess.

I still think a universal searchbar, as proposed in my little mock-up, taking the user to the right place directly would be helpful and an improvement from a UI perspective.
But surely not urgently needed, as your solution DOES work.

That said it doesn’t really help users understand what settings are for - the names you get there are not always consistent with what you see in the GUI.

It would be indeed very nice if the regular part had a search bar that would high-light the places where a search generates a hit.


That’s the spirit!

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Hi - the feature request has been on the list since 2006-07-16 - RH-2493. I’ve added this thread.

Thanks Wim!