Representing Welds

Hi guys,

We’re working on production 3D/2D for some stuff that involves welding, and I’m wondering what people do if anything(for production purposes) to represent them in 3D?

Check out this thread regarding texture mapping on weld beads. It looks like OP just used some kind of flat blend surface between the tubes, but you might wanna ask him. I think he did a pretty good job…

Hi Jim,

 Those welds look pretty good in the example just given, but I've been using the little line type trick that was shown recently to make stitches for sewn goods. It uses a dashed line and then makes a mesh pipe with rounded ends. I adjust the dash and spacing to get the 'stack of dimes' look in actual geometry and then just assign a material and not have to mess with mapping. Heavier geometry but saves tearing your hair out with mapping.

Had to look up that stitching page.

Hope this helps

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Thanks guys…what I’m more asking is, I guess not so much how you do it in 3D, but DO you do it, for your production documentation, not marketing renderings?

Never in 3D, no. 2D, yes.

Never model, for 2D just draw my own weld symbols.

It depends… If it’s for product renders then you’d model the weld if it’s a feature, otherwise your product may look weak and the interfaces between items would have no visual context.

If it’s just for a visual to complement your 2D CAD drawings then i’m with the other guys, I wouldn’t bother, it’s just extra work - conform to BS standards (or otherwise) for the drawings.