Weld Beads In Rhino / Brazil

I need to render weld beads in Brazil, and am using Rhino 5 for drawing.

Are there any plug ins or scripts for generating weld seams? If not, is there a technique for doing the weld beads?

Thanks. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I don’t know of any plug-in that will do it. How close up are these beads going to be shown? How neat are they? Perhaps you could show some kind of an image of what you are looking for.

For example - something like this:

Thanks for the reply. I will see about posting some samples.

I was really hoping that the neatness could be adjusted.

There are a couple assemblies where the weld is a focal point. One is Tig welded, and typically looks near perfect. In another, there are thick plates welded with multiple passes, and they can have some ugliness.

Does something like this work for you?

This is done with Rhino 5 displacement and a couple of procedural textures.

  • Andy

weld_test.zip (829.7 KB)


When you have a moment, I could use some guidance.

I was looking closer at what you sent to me in the zip. It is apparent that I do not understand regarding the “Rhino 5 Displacement”.

When you have a moment, could you direct me to a source for further reading?



Take a look at ApplyDisplacement in the help. Also, this video might help:

  • Andy