Interactive Shop Floor Model

Hi All,
So some interesting things have been thought of at the company I work for. The big boss wants to know if Rhino can be used on the shop floor, in an interactive way. By this I mean a “wish list” of the following interactive components.

  • Interactive Model with machining or fabrication stages (I know that snap shot might help here)
  • Auto dimension
  • Weldment Stage breakout (Snap shot?)
  • Indented BOM Generation
  • Part individualization (click on a part and it hides everything else and shows machining directions for that part, maybe Snapshot again?)

There’s allot more that might be involved. The effort is to remove ALL requirement for 2D prints in the shop and save time. Not sure if this will happen but its worth a shot.

Open to any and ALL suggestions of additional software I/O’s or plugins that may facilitate this.

Cheer all


Well…it’s a pretty ambitious project–not just to make the system work but to “author” the animated documentation for each product–let’s say that, I don’t know if what you wind up with at the end would be recognizably Rhino, or if you’d have some sort of web app powered in the background by the new ability to run Rhino headless on a remote server.

I toured a 400-employee fabrication facility just last month that had zero printed drawings, which I don’t think was doing anything fancier than having the 2D drawings on a screen at every station, so at least you don’t necessarily have to achieve all of that to meet the goal.

Yeah I hear you. What the boss wants is to eliminate all 2d drawings or layouts and just have the fabricators use the 3d models for reference. Its a tall order if it can be done. Either it still takes time to produce the snap shots or the dimensions and so on.

Google “mdb cad” or “model based definition” and you will get a lot of information, too much I’m sure.
I have not been in an organization that has used it, so I’m afraid I can’t relate any firsthand experience.