Replacement for T-Splines

Hello All.

I have been out of the loop for awhile, but apparently T-Splines is no longer, and I did not purchase before they terminated it for Rhino. I was hoping that someone may know about another plugin that work similarly ? I really enjoyed the intuitive nature of the plugin. It helped me form organic shapes more easily.

Thank you.


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There is Clayoo 2.0 and Cyborg3D. Those are 2 off the top of my head. —Mark

Have you tried Cyborg3D Mark @markintheozarks?

I did.About 5 months ago I did a trial. I tried Clayoo too. I guess Clayoo is closer to t-splines. I ended up buying t-splines last fall.
Like everyone, I am wanting Mcneel and Associates to fill in the gap and do something nice like the sub-d so often talked about on this forum.


Would it be possible to buy someone else t-splines license? I Should have bought it while I could. I just didn’t have the cash! =)

Be careful with this, I’d ask Autodesk before you part with your cash. They do allow you to purchase second-hand software but it has to be after one year of the initial purchase, Serial numbers are continent specific so installing something from the USA won’t install in the UK, you’d have to speak to Autodesk about this if you’re in a different country to where the product was registered.

Long story short - a US client wanted me to do some work which required T-Splines. I didn’t want to buy it and he didn’t have Rhino so as a compromise he bought it for me to use on the job. It took one month to sort out a refund etc, it was a royal pain in the arse.

Noted. Thank you for the tip.

This whole thing is a pain in the ars! I didn’t have the cash last year so I used the trial during my design phase. Now a lot of my objects are not editable. bla bla bla. I’ll get over it =) Thanks for all the info everyone!

@Cyle_Thomas I have not used Clayoo 2 but I believe it has a T-Splines to Clayoo conversion tool. Not sure if it requires the T-Splines plugin to be active.

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If you can find an earlier version of T-Splines from someone you could install that? It’s seen as a different install and won’t show up that you’ve had a previous install.

At least you can unsmooth the models and extract the control polygons etc enough to mesh and export in order to use a different sub d program.

Good luck!


If anyone has 3dm files with uneditable T-splines stuck in them, I’m happy to convert them to obj. In some cases the surface won’t be exactly the same, but it should be possible to get the topology out to another program.


Hi All, Im a long term Tsplines user and I just watched a webcast on the new Clayoo 2.5
You can find it here
It looks pretty good, dare I say it even better than Tsplines… so there is a real alternative to Tsplines.
check out Clayoo from TDM solutions

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2.5 is not yet on their website…

Below the 2 videos it says:

Release Candidate of Clayoo 2.5 Webinar published on St Valentine’s Day, 2017 … Official Release on March 2017

I stand corrected, there is a real alternative to Tspline in a few weeks time. Stand by everyone

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I watched the video. It looks similar. I’ll be happy to try it. Thank you.

its very expensive i would say… if i compare that with a professional 3d solution like Cinema 4d which costs less but which can do that exact kind of modelling for probably more than 20 years already which offers far more then just a fancy modeller then i ask myself seriously WTF…

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Ridiculous pricing for a pluggin…I think I can buy a seat of Rhino for less money. I’m using Fusion 360 and it handles my SubD needs. Plus it’s fillets are the best I have ever tried…and, it works great with Rhino.

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Where can I buy Cinema4D for less? Only if you want to use it for 6months and not in perpetuity… That’s another story.

It’s pricey but then again it’s a captive market and if you’re using it professionally it’ll pay for itself within a few jobs if you plan it in. If you’re a hobbyist, something’s are out of reach I guess.

As for Fusion 360 - good luck with that…

T-Splines was expensive but it is also invaluable in some instances. Clayoo didn’t have the same tight feeling as T-splines (which it turns out is pretty buggy anyway!) here’s hoping Clayoo 2.5 fills in the gap and then some.

i never used tsplines because i had this pleasure with C4D since i can think off 3d modelling… C4D initially called it Hyper NURBS and converged its name to SubDivision later… which is still just polygons which uses “tendency” but i read into it while also following the never ending quarrels but also seeing the necessity for it.

fiddled around for hours and days trying to find a solution how to avoid this keeping NURBS on the surface. the problem is when trying to make a conjuntion out of 3 parts you always end up creating a 5 sided generally called n-NURBS which does not want to work in Rhino… not sure if there are real n-NURBS i cant find a software which does. if you are skilled enough you can easily model anything of course with NURBS joining, but its a pain and takes time and not a smooth answer of course, this is just one weak point of NURBS in general…

even though i am not a mathematician i still dont seem to understand why making n-NURBS is causing so much trouble… where are the masterminds who can align 2 sides of one NURBS onto another… instead everybody is running crazy with a replacement for something which does not seems to be the real answer anyway.

cant understand why somebody with some skill cant rewrite the algorithm and make n-NURBS happen instead of using cheap tricks which cause problems like t-splines and whatever else you want to call up here…

it was in a special offer yesterday under the promo may the 4th be with you now its the same as clayoo, but it still offers far more in its prime version than just a modeller. i never heard anything about paying monthly fees for maxon products, once you buy it you have it.

I was looking at the system as a whole, not prime I guess:

So that I know for the future, you can mesh model in C4D and convert it to NURBS using the prime version? I might consider this as an alternative to Clayoo if it has more features.

Thanks for the info