Anyone like Clayoo?

Hi All , Just wondering if anyone out there likes or dislikes Clayoo? Better or worse than T-splines ? Stable?
Going to go through the videos out there and then try it out. Thank you , Mark

I looked into Clayoo, but did not like their pricing or educational ‘discount.’ They only knock off 4% from the $690 price. I compared that to the Rhino app, which you can get for 85% off of retail, or around $130.

OK, here is the kicker: if you are in school or teach, you can get T-Splines for FREE from Autodesk. After I found that out, I stopped wondering about Clayoo.

That is good to know. Just looking into it for the organic modeling part. Seems like they priced it to T-splines price.
Thank you Dave. -----Mark

Too expansive price of version 2

This is from just over a year ago… I’ve not tested Clayoo since, so maybe it has improved:

The makers of Clayoo, RhinoGold, and a few other tools (TDM Solutions) were bought out by Stuller. that previously bought up Gemvision, the makers of Matrix. They are primarily focused around jewelry.
It remains to be seen what they choose to do.

T-Splines was bought up by Autodesk several years ago and has scattered the developers they kept across Autodesk. Don’t expect there to be any future versions of T-Splines for Rhino. Autodesk has never been in the business of doing anything to help or extend products they see as competitors.

We have started work on a long-term subdivision modeling project that should eventually bring some of these tools into native Rhino and possibly into the Rhino SDK for third-party developers. Best wild guess time-frame would be Rhino V7.


Thanks John, that helps in knowing how to allocate money to the best places. I like Rhino , I’m sticking with.
One side thought about VSR. I used their surface tools quite a bit today. I don’t have the proper word skills to say it like it should, but when a suface is being constructed , it trys to make that surface only as vomplex as has to. In Rhino , the 4 point surface tool makes that surface. In VSR it makes it withjust enough control point for editing so It is easy to edit. Thats even if its not planer.
I’ m not trying to compare what Rhino doesn’t have , but to say that the manipulation of surface points are
Nice and understandable for even me. — Mark

Most Rhino surfacing commands have that ability too, but we default to simplest for SrfPt.
Start Plane and use the command line “Deformable” option.

What I recently did was creating my Subdivision Surface design in Softimage XSI (any SDS modeller with edge creasing will do) export the cage as obj, import mesh into the free indie-Fusion 360 in the sculpt module, convert to T-Splines, select the to-be-creased edges, convert to NURBS, export as STEP, import into Rhino and go from there.
If you don’t need completely sharp creases, there also is a free script for Moment of Inspiration that does very nice Catmull-Rom NURBS conversion from Max Smirnov:
But good to hear McNeel is thinking about this too :slight_smile:



I will wait it ten years…?

Maybe wont need it in ten years

Rhino 5 needed 5 years
Rhino 6 is using over 5 years, but it only in wip stage…
So rhino 7 will be to need 7 years…:sweat_smile::sleeping:

While that might be so, your license will give you access to technology as it is being developed. Right now you can already start playing with the SubD functionality that is in the WIP.

I just purchased Clayoo 2.0. I had not used an organic modeler before although I had tested TSplines extensively before I made the decision. TSplines seemed to be better behaved but there was little or no support from AutoDesk. Kyle Houchens was the modeling guru at TSplines and seemed to have stopped supporting it from a few years ago. I create organic shaped molds for glass kiln casting and the Emboss and Sculpt tools made it worth the price. They definitely take modeling to a new level. TSplines and Clayoo have more in common than they do in differences. So far TDM has been very responsive to my tech issues. They appear to be applying the resources needed to make it a solid product. Most of my issues are minor and they seem to be addressing them with new versions. Biggest complaint is that the helpfile is not totally accurate (I think it is based on version 1.0)

Thanks for the info stmoen.
I tried Subd2Cad this week. It looks too much like Solidworks and not enough function for me. ----Mark

The TSplines forum seems pretty much alive. Didi you try it? It’s like here, direct line to the developers. They answer when get called here too.

Watched a Novedge webinar today about solidThinking Evolve

Has just about everything we’ve been waiting for years for in Rhino. SubD (T-Splines/Clayoo), surfacing, rendering, HISTORY TREE… etc…etc

FormZ is another NURBS modeler with SubD

McNeel better get on it. I think we’re all tired of hearing “when its ready” regarding Rhino6!

You should remember that, there is no plugin before rhino 6 release, but plugin is the mainly function of the rhino. If rhino no plugin is a common cad program only.:expressionless:

Holy hell! Even Moi has subD!!:weary:

Unlike Rhino, MOI is a mesh modeler.
As you know, Rhino is a NURBS based surface modeler.

It has been our policy since the beginning to generally avoid developing tools in-house that directly compete with our third-party developers. With the uncertain future of TSplines and Clayoo, we have decided to move in that direction, albeit slowly.