T-SPlines Equivalent

Hi Guys,

I have read many discussions on t-splines not available blah blah blah in rhino 6 dated back to 2018 and there just flew over my head! I am new to rhino.

All I want to know is, without your senseless jargons, what is the equivalent if t-splines is not available? If there is one, how to I get to use it?


you have Clayoo and Xirus

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Thanks Diego.

Liking rhino is a very expensive hobby.

639 euro for Xirus!

I believe there is an 80% discount going until April 15th for xirus

Hi Mark,

Thanks, really? I just visited the website and couldn’t find that discount you claim.

Do you think you can send me the link please?


the WIP 7 has native limit surface tools (subD), having a mac i am not up to date regarding its current state but give it a try.

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Hi, thanks for the info. My question is, if I end up purchasing rhino and still download the wip, what does it mean in terms of workflow.

Say if I model subd in wip, can I downsave the file to rhino 6 to use it as an end product?

from what i remember reading is that you can convert your limit surface geometry into nurbs (how smart that is, may generally be open for discussion in regards of nurbs topology - no matter which limit surface tool you would use) and then sure work it further in rhino 6. depending on how stable the wip 7 is you might just also finish it there. and there is a minor part of subD tools integrated into the version 6, but i really dont know which ones, not all of them thats for sure.

Hi Yeanlonglai, I looked at the link and it was an offer based off being a tester during development. My mistake .— Mark


Hi Mark,
Are you using Xirus? If so do you like it?

I tried it very early on when it was extremely buggy…it seemed like a big learning curve coming from t-splines and I did not have the time so stopped testing it.


Hi Sochin, I have no experience with it. There are a few YouTube videos of it. —-Mark

no worries @markintheozarks was just curious to hear from someone actually using it. I tried it early on and it looked like it was not for me…and it was really rough and buggy. I will stick with t-splines for now.



Hi Sochin,
Recall the version you were testing was actually the first WIP (= work in progress) in February 2018, i.e. not even the alpha version. (I think we did not yet even had a toolbar back then…:grin::grin: )
…you might want to give it a try again.

Hi Daniel,
I remember you, one of the moderators on the Xirus forums. I will keep Xirus in mind but for now I will wait for another Rhino user to rekindle my interest.

edit…@Daniel_Schmitter…just checked…not that it really matters…I stayed around for quite a few of the Alpha versions which were all still buggy IIRC…as you would expect. I stopped commenting after I found the way the tools were being laid out appeared to suit a programmer more than a designer IMO.

Glad to see you got the product to market. All the best.


Here’s a promo for Xirus, or you can just download the free trial for now… https://novedge.com/promo/979

SuperD Rhino plugin ($550): https://www.superdmodeling.com/
and https://www.food4rhino.com/app/superd