T-Splines or Clayoo?

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I’m a newbie to the group and have a questions. I’ve been a Rhino user since Rhino 2.0 but am self-taught.

I’m considering adding either T-splines or Clayoo to what I use. I’ve used T-splines in the past but don’t have much time with Clayoo.

Does anyone have significant experience with these plug-ins and an opinion about one over the other? Bear in mind, in all my CAD experience I am self taught and expect that it will be the same with whichever plug-in I choose.

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To answer your direct question I would go for T-Splines, but there is a problem with that.[quote=“philippe_pigeard, post:1, topic:38057”]
Autodesk is going to end of life our T-Splines for Rhino plug-in on January 7th, 2017

I didn’t like Clayoo the few times I tried it. i am mostly self taught as well. i did buy T-Splines right when V3 came out.

I do believe if you do buy it you will only be able to use it with Rhino5.

There are threads about McNeel developing it’s own sub-D, but probably after Rhino6, do a search.


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Thanks for your input. If Autodesk isn’t supporting T-splines any more, then I suppose if I upgrade to the next version of Rhino, then I’ll have to pay for and learn another software package?


There is also the free use of Fusion360 which is where all of the T-SPlines technology is.

I don’t use it much because I have T-Splines, but I just renewed my free copy for another year. The learning curve may not be so much since you know Rhino. I believe there is a way to Import .3dm files into Fusion.

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