Reorder list

reorder a (41.2 KB)

What method could I use to reorder the points and get perfect lines ?

I think the order of the first items in your list seems to be wrong, how about fixing it from the first place?
Using “Shift Paths” from the beginning will make the Data Tree easier to manipulate.

reorder a (48.0 KB)

Glad to read you Mr kim, Exactly is what I want to achieve, just one fact if you can notice the second row has the points in the other side if you could give me an approach how to flip it preserving the original list or take the example that you provide to get the lines with relative itmes would be awesome

reorder a (49.9 KB)

One more thing
how can I get and interpolated/nurbs curve with the points shifted in the order from the relative items , instead of a line with several segments,.trying to fit on those points—

It would be better to create your source curves well from scratch than to add these unnecessary extra work to your definition…

reorder a (47.0 KB)


Very nice thank u one more time !