How to reorder the order of a list

reorder of (13.5 KB)

Hello there,

I would like to reorder the attached curves into a different order (randomly or systematically) so that {0,0} would become {0,3} and {0,4} becomes {0,1} and so on.

I have a feeling is to do with sort list but I culdn’t figure out the next step. Could anyone give me a clue ?

Thank you so much!

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Jitter. (6.6 KB)

I created a different model because sorting (or jittering) lines that are all the same length is not visually interesting. (5.7 KB)

Hi Joseph

Great, many thanks!

Even when the lines are not the same length, the jitter/sort is not visually evident because their positions don’t change, only their sequence in the list as indicated by numbering their start points. (7.3 KB)