Shift List Problem

Hello People,
I’m trying to connect lines between 2 points but the connection is in the wrong order.
I’ve tried shifting paths, using relative item, shift list, etc still cant get it to work, i’ve attached a pic of how i want the lines to run (in the black circle) as well as the definition. Someone pls help. (32.6 KB)

Please internalise points in your GH definition

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Short answer: do this

Slightly longer answer:
In your original file, you have a list with multiple branches, with one curve in each branch. You can think of this as a list of lists.
When you used the “shift list” component, it’s not moving the lists, it’s operating on the items in the list/branch. Shifting a list that only has 1 item, (with the shift list component set to wrap values), doesn’t do anything.
It looks like your curves are already well ordered, (by this point in the definition), so you can simply use one shift list component and FLATTEN the curves going into it. Now you have one list/branch, with multiple items. Now the shift list component will operate how, (i think), you originally intended.
I threw the merge and loft component in there just to show the panels a little clearer.

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Hi Chris,
Thank you so much. You’re a life saver. Really appreciate it!

Thank you.