Cycle through cplanes?


Any way of doing this?
And more in general - can I cycle through a pre-defined set of commands somehow?
I was thinking if the above doesn’t work maybe I could cycle through:




_CPlane _World _Top
_CPlane _World _Left

Shift+Home restores the previously used CPlane in the current viewport.

Shift+End restores the CPlane that was active before the Undo option was used.

Ctrl+Tab activates the next viewport.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab activates the previous viewport.

You can also use NamedCPlane.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
I’m modelling 99% in perspective view, so viewports is not for me though in this case.
Resetting cplanes, sure, but it would be nice to cycle to the next one with the click of a (mouse) button and know that that one is top, next left etc.
Would it be possible to do with a script perhaps?
NamedCplanes I have in my sidebar but I would prefer to not have to go there everytime, because I use cplanes a lot.

Add to @Mahdiyar 's suggestions Oneview

But I’m still on v5 (vsr / t-splines)
That looks like exactly what I need though.
I’ll just bind my cplanes to different keys for now I guess and contemplate if it’s time to make the jump.

Still I think that being able to cycle through commands with a single button would be cool.

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hello - you can try this plug-in, which (I think) works in V5 - it was the prototype for the OneView command - I think it more or less works…

AutoCPlane.rhp (18.5 KB)

You’ll need to unblock the rhp in Windows and then drag and drop it from the save location onto Rhino.


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Pascal, you’re too nice!
Thanks a lot, seems to work great!

I do get an error using certain tools though:

Error: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Document’
I don’t expect you to fix this for me, and everything seem to run fine anyway.
I’m just wondering if this could be anything, or if it’s very specific and I can look for a solution for it.

edit: hm, I seem to get it when using materials, materialeditor, decals etc.