Reoccuring wall error

I’m attempting to import a revit model into rhino from a file that I did not create and getting this error continually pop up when i pull walls. anything i can do about it? image

Followup it crashed both

this isn’t my model (im a consultant…) - is there a way for the gh definition to avoid this in some way? not join?

I take it the error is happening when you open revit, so would need to be dealt with there, no?

Sure, using Rhino.inside.Revit you could bring the model across in parts. And see where the problem is.

Scott- yea so my intent actually its to attempt to bring in all geometry by material type for daylighting study in Climate Studio - I downloaded the material user object but haven’t tried it out yet - that was my next plan of action. my question was, i suppose, a bit open-ended…