Renders out several images per frame

So I am animating some simple movements using Bongo 2 and Vray. It works fairly well however I get 4 images per frame. I have to throw out the unneeded 3 frames. One is a alpha channel and another is a denoiser. How to only render out the one channel that I need?

Hi -
Pure speculation on my part so far - but that sounds more like a V-Ray question than a Bongo question.
Do you also get 4 images when you simply render a view without using Bongo?

The other frames are generated but I only save out the final composite.

Hi - I’m moving this to the V-Ray category and hope someone will be able to tell you how to turn off that feature.

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Take out any render elements u dont want to include under render elements roll out, including denoiser


Please note that the Alpha channel is always generated and cannot be removed when rendering Bongo animations. Bongo simply reads the data from the VFB and saves all the channels. If you select the file format to be either EXR or VRIMG, all channels will be stored in a single file.

You could also filter the unnecessary files in Windows Explorer and delete them all at once.

This topic has been discussed in this forum thread

Who could implement that Bongo doesn’t save all channels? McNeel or Chaosgroup? The biggest problem I see is the needed time to save all channels. I afraid for high res product animations the saving time cost a lot of extra time. For example RGB, denoise and effects needs three times longer than the needed effects only. Additional the unwanted alpha is saved.

Since Bongo is driving up the animation process, when a frame completes, Bongo calls IRhinoSdkRenderFrame::SaveRenderImageAs() on the current render frame, which is VFB,
hence our code get called to save the image.

I see that recently McNeel has added another flavour of IRhinoSdkRenderFrame:

this particular interface has a flag to determine if the alpha is to be saved or not. I presume this can be interpreted as :

bake the alpha channel in the image if the image format supports it, otherwise save additional file

If we all agree on that interpretation I can implement it that way. I think only JPEG and PICT do not support alpha channel

It looks like Bongo always calls with bUseAlpha = true. If you wish more control, then I guess Bongo’s UI is the best place to put a checkbox or something -> hence McNeel

Thank you for the info. I will ask at the Bono side.

Forcing to save a single channel like “effects” could be great, since all the RGB passes need the most of the saving time. In the future, if the render speed increase more and more it could be that the saving time is longer than the render time. :wink: