Bongo renders animation with image sequence containing faulty renders


I launched a Bongo animation with Vray rendering containing an object with no background (so, the area around the object is “transparent” in terms of alpha channel. The images were rendered as PNG.

The images should be made to a video in After Effects, so all I needed to be produced were 100 png’s to produce 4 seconds of video with 25 fps.

The odd thing is that Bongo renders out 98 png’s with transparent background in the thumbnail preview, while 2 are rendered with a black background (as if the alpha was omitted in the png.) However, when I open those 2 png’s in PS, they DO have transparency, so one would assume it’s just a glitch in the thumbnail preview.

When I import the image sequence in After Effects however, those 2 particular images produce a test image (meaning the old-age television channel test image).
Like, let’s say image #70 in the range of 100 is one with the transparency lacking in the thumbnail preview (or “faulty”) , then the animation turns into a test image starting with frame 70 and further.

Anyone has any ideas what is wrong here?

You might want to ask this question from Chaos support or on the V-Ray forum.
Bongo calls the “SaveRenderWindowAs” command when saving the rendered files and that’s all, what V-Ray saves out, Bongo has no controll over.
What you can do is test, if the same rendering works if you render the animation using Viewpoer Display as the target renderer, if that goes without a problem, then the problem is most likely in something V-Ray does.