Can Bongo save animation frames from Vray Channels?

Vray 3.4 came with Denoiser new feature. It is a render element that removes the noise of the image after rendered and generates a render channel.

Is there a way to do it through Bongo?


Currently Bongo is only able to render the animation if you use Interactive rendering in V-Ray, and as far as I understand the Denoiser is only active when you use the Progressive rendering.
At the moment Bongo is not able to detect when the Progressive rendering is “finished”.
You might want to contact Chaosgroup about this. If they’re willing to we could work together with their team to see if we could find a solution for this.
Or perhaps @matt_newberg can help with this?


There is a bug in the batch render / animation code, a solution is discussed here:

Wait until rendering is finished

We are looking into the best solution for doing batch renders in a future service release and hopefully the ability to save a denoised channel from a bongo render as well.

Is there any news in this issue?r. Render elemens are really importatnt. Maybe somene has found a worwaround?