Rendering with Rhino for MAC

In on of the videos by Brian James about rendering of the drill, Brian mentioned HDRI settings. However I can’t find that one the MAC version. Could someone direct me?

Thanks John. I’m just having a difficult time with the rendering.

I try to follow the rendering example on the Rhino site, l don’t get the same results.


the basic option to use HDR is there, if that is what you were looking for…?

I can get to the HDRI background, but can’t adjust the intensity or rotate like I can in Fusion360.

John already informed me that that isn’t available for MAC until version 6.


Hi Lonnie,
HRDI is an option for a basic environment in Rhino for Mac.

Here is a similar tread on Rendering on Rhino for Mac.

See this video that walks you through the Mac Materials library and setting the environment to a HDRI. I think it will help you.

You can download HDRI’s from Food4Rhino.
You can also download the standard Rhino for Windows HDRi’s.
These should install with Rhino for Mac IMO. (Bug Item: MR-3080)

Let us know.
Mary Ann Fugier

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a work around is perhaps to take the HDR to PS and edit it there.

Other popular work-arounds:

  1. Take the Rhino model to KeyShot for rendering.
  2. Take Rhino for Mac models back to Rhino for Windows for rendering…with its many add-on rendering options.

I am sure there are many other suggestions the Forum can offer, if you want more work-arounds.

Mary Ann Fugier
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If your model is small enough and you don’t mind the orientation with the world coodinates,
you can select all the modeled parts and rotate those instead of the HDRI environment.
About intensity not exactly sure how that works…

Thanks Toshiaki. That is a very good option. Also I just looked at the video
that Mary Ann sent and it was a big help.


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Mary Ann,

I found the video that you sent me the link for to be very helpful.

As for KeyShot, I¹m trying to not spend money at this time. And even though
I have PC¹s in my office I only have a license for the Mac version of Rhino.


Hi Lonnie,
Thank you for the update.
I appreciate that you want to use what you have.
I am happy to hear the video helped.

Mary Ann Fugier