Recommend a Good Rhino Render Tutorial for Mac

If there is a link to a good tutorial for the Rhino Render as built into the Mac Version I would really appreciate the link!

Ditto here. Just getting started with rendering and a basic tutorial specifically for Rhino for Mac would be much appreciated!

I’d like to ask again if there is a link to a good tutorial or some documentation for Rhino Render for Mac? If there isn’t or won’t be, do you know of a third party renderer that is now available for the Mac Version?


Hi Dave,

Sorry I missed this post… I use Rhino Render for Mac in this tutorial.

The feature set is pretty basic right now but if you need to do something specific, @BrianJ mention me in a new post.

In regards to other render options. Maxwell and also Keyshot make stand alone apps for OSX. There will also hopefully be plugins for Rhino for Mac in the near future.



K thanks. I was hoping there was some documentation, there are a lot of options for tiling and surfaces with pattern files…just no way to learn or self-teach from a scratch level, not real intuitive.

Seems like the more I make guesses, the more it goes wrong. Frustrating and not productive for me.



There is a help file but I’m not sure it will give you what you’re after here as it only covers the basic concepts of rendering and doesn’t focus on this specific interface design. If you want to post a file or let me know what type of scene you’re rendering, I may be able to help more.


I completely sympathize the built in rendering is quite daunting to the rendering newbie, and I was a newb what was pretty bloody skilled with Flamingo once upon a time. The whole HDR/backplate thing takes some getting used to.

I know this is kind of counter intuitive, but download the trial of Keyshot, work through the tutorials, particularly the material creation and environment ones, then go play with Rhino renderer. I suspect you’ll be amazed at how much simpler it seems. The current generation of renderers seem to have a fairly consistent set of features (color map, bump map, the other two I never use, planer, cylindrical, spherical, and box mapping widgets, how they handle lighting and evironments, etc.) and once you learn the basic workflow for any Rendering package, learning another one is really just a matter of figuring out where command x, y, z is in the new environment.


Also Dave

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Now there is a plan, thanks so much for pointing me in this direction!

I really appreciate it, I am just a hobbyist, retired now, recreating the machinery (with Rhino) that I spent my life with…

So nice of you to respond.