Render for Rhino for Mac

What are the options for renderers for Rhino on a Mac? I’m looking for something high quality, with really nice lighting. Free would be preferable.

Total noob question, I’m having a hard time finding an answer.

None at the moment. Well, none that are fully integrated into rhino. There are some like Keyshot that can open rhino .3dm files and render them. Might be worth looking at that until render plugins are supported

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If free is your game then twisting the built in renderer to the max might be your path.
Use rectangular lights and it performs quite nice.

Note that the Rhino render is a very slow renderengine. This image took 3 minutes at this resolution and I used 16 CPU threads.

(I got the same quality with Neon for Windows Rhino in about 15 seconds)

Here you can see the setup:

And you can add an image to the environment if you need a more complex reflection in the materials, but then the backdrop can’t surround the object like the one I used here.


With regards to the native render engine, is there a larger repository of materials floating around out on the net than what comes with Rhino? Is it possible to import materials from other renderers?


Keyshot was a great suggestion. Thats what I’m playing with now and the results look good so far. Thanks @Holo for the examples from the Rhino renderer. That was very helpful as well.

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KeyShot is a great program, easy to use and nice default materials. Happy Rendering!