Rhino Render (mac) Transparent but keeping HDRI?

I been looking at different rendering software like keyshot, maxwell and such but I’d rather get a new macbookpro instead for that price so still trying to get better with Rhino Render.

Is there way to keep the background transparent while keeping the nice reflections from HDRI environment and some shades if possible?

No there isn’t… the transparent background option replaces the HDR env. I’m going to file this though to either have the environment file grayed out if Transparent Background is checked or see if it’s possible to support both at the same time.

For now, the best thing I can suggest is doing two renders and using the transparency from one as a selection in the other.

Thank you for the reply and thank you for action of filing!
Other wish list is rotating of the HDRI background.

Maybe better if I just try but,
so using HDRI render for the actual part then using transparent background render and invert it to use it as a mask?
Will there be issues for antialiasing? Will it change the behavior of the outline area?

Different topics(related to rendering):

  1. The rendering view in the perspective sometimes feels better, or crisp, compared to the rendering itself… is there setting to make the render closer to the view?
    2)Are there good resources for texture files HDRI for studio lighting for Rhino Render?

Doing this one for study.
Have to do more details, and have yet to learn more of getting all the edges of the actual surfaces to have some corners…
But Rhino render seems to work quite well.

If there is tutorial for lighting it would be nice. I use panels, but I find can’t seem to grasp the
actual angle and the direction sometimes… lots of trial and error, but I feel I need to
learn the concept behind all the lighting settings…

Tried the double rendering and added some shadows.
Edges seems a bit pixelly but still a good workaround. Thank you~

If white is what you are after then you can add a little illumination to the ground plane material.

Thank you Holo,
I want to put a background later, so currently was looking for transparent.
But, thank you for your advice. I feel it’ll come in handy.

This is one that I’ve uploaded to but there are many other HDR collections out there some free, some for pay.

Adjust your Anti-aliasing setting in the Render Properties, I think this is what you mean.

Check out the third video in this series…

Also look up the topic of “three point lighting” for photography. That technique combined with HDR image based lighting is what I’d recommend practicing. Try to avoid adding too many actual lights though, they’ll slow down the render time.


Thank you for your quick reply!

I used HDR from food4rhino, but couldn’t find some for studio lightings.
Some pre-sets menu on Rhino Render would be great.
& I’ll study the 3point lighting. Thank your for the tips.

-----new note added—1–
Just as I was uploading the files and checking it… I realized the size(pixel size) of the rendering is much smaller than the screenshot…
Using MacbookPro Retina, and set the rendering size as same as the viewport pixel resolution.
…maybe just some issue with retina resolution…
----end of note-----1—

I played around with the Anti-aliasing and set it to 10x but still the screenshot looks a little sharper especially around the reflections.
No shadows and not realistic, but more crisp…
(using HDR blur loft from food4rhino :wink: )

For example, in the area of where the window is reflected on the yellow surface, the screenshot
(perspective render view) seems sharper.

Below is screen shot

Below is rendering.

I made this collection of artificial studio HDRI a while back which might be helpful…

Rhino Render is very basic right now but hopefully it will get more attention in upcoming releases. I agree that a default HDR environment would be helpful.

Great! thank you!