Materials for Rhino Mac

Hi, where can I find render materials library/resources for Rhino Mac ? Tried creating/modifying my own but just can’t get what I’m looking for.

The only materials pre-made at the moment are in the Material editor for Rhino Render. What effect are you after? Can you share a 3D file and a sample image of the type of material you want?

Hi Brain, I was able to apply a shiny gold finish (using brass) prior to the latest release. I’m not that up to speed on modifying materials, but I suspect I got it shiny by applying a HDRI environment, which I now notice I’m unable to apply (file are now greyed out) . Anyway, when I drag the ‘Custom’ brass to the Model materials it goes flat and I end up with a render that glows in the dark. I suspect it all has to do with environments, but I don’t seem to be able to replicate the lovely shiny gold I had.

What I was looking for was a pre made set on the web that I can add to the library.


I agree it sounds like an environment issue, have you added the HDR file to Render Properties>Basic>Background>Environment?

If you have a simpler test model where you use this material please post it here and I’ll take a look if you still have trouble. Texture maps including any environment images do not get embedded into the 3dm.

When I add a background environment the render gets washed out (bright yellow render) in the last post. I seem to recall (?) we could select a HDRI environment for the material itself but that seems to be restricted to jpgs now.

Is it possible to have default environments for those of us who really don’t need the flexibility of an endlessly modifiable engine? say a studio set up, ambient interior or exterior set ups ?

Is there anything online I could purchase or download that would make this process simpler ?

This is probably the HDR being used and the view of the model. Try swapping it out for another. You might also have a setting in the material like a gloss value that is causing this.

The environment channel of a Rhino Render material will not accepts HDR files but a Jpeg should work just fine since the environment map is not image based lighting but rather a texture map. Lessening the intensity of it would be one way to do what you need and you could then save the material as custom one in the editor.

Yes, you can add an HDR to the background environment in an empty scene and then use the Save as Template option from the File menu. Name the template and then start with that when you want to use the same set up. You can use different HDRs and settings for what you need and save several templates.

Nothing that will work directly in Rhino 5 for Mac now. You could use the standalone versions of Keyshot or Maxwell Render which are available on OSX though. In time there will be rendering plugins for Rhino for Mac but right now this is what we’ve got.

I’ll try your suggestions. Thanks Brian !

Washout of renders is happening again. I don’t seem to be able to maintain stable a render setting.
'Scuse the photo. I can’t take a screenshot of all 3 windows open for comparison.

I can’t take a screenshot of all 3 windows open for comparison.

Should not Command-Shift-3 (whole screen) or Command-Shift-4 (a rectangle selection) work?