Rhino for MAC Rendering & adding Materials

I just watched a great tutorial video and was ready to get started adding materials to some surfaces. < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGaewTt_Hts>

On quick overview of the video, just to see what is involved, I thought I would first just find the right dialogue boxes to have them open. The problem is I cannot even find the main tool I seem to need to get there the “MaterialEditor: Open the Material Editor to manage materials in the model.” The button looks like a crumpled paint tube. Is the Rhino for MAC using some other tool than this one and a method different from the way this process is shown in the video?

Using this video is - unfortunately - not going to work well for getting started Rendering and adding Materials in Rhino for Mac. In fact, no video is appropriate at the moment. The reason is that the Rendering and Materials User-Interface is undergoing some major changes. This has been a huge area of effort in the prep for initial commercial release. We really want to get these changes in front of users as soon as we can…in the meantime, please understand this is why we are hesitant to create guides to a process that is already outdated.

Hi Dan, very excited that the rendering area is getting a bit of tlc.
When do you think it is likely to be seen for us?
And are there any tutorials that you would say are better.
(I’ve always used and loved keyshot, but have just moved onto Mac and can’t get it.)

Hi @Ned1

Sorry for the delayed reply.

The changes to the Rhino 5 for Mac material editor have been there for quite some time. Please give them a try. They are not the same as Rhino 5 for Windows at all.

And are there any tutorials that you would say are better.

@mary can point you to some better tutorials. It sounds like some updated ones are just around the corner, but I’ll let Mary chime in on that one.

(I’ve always used and loved keyshot, but have just moved onto Mac and can’t get it.)

KeyShot is available on macOS. It works quite well with 3dm files from Rhino for Mac.


Hi Ned,
I am out of the office until tomorrow.
I have been teaching this week. Sorry for the delay.

We do not have anything all ready to share on Rhino for Mac rendering
But I will see what I can put together tomorrow that will help you and possibly others.
Be looking towards EOB tomorrow.

Mary Ann Fugier

And in addition to working well with .3dm, the Mac plugin is out as well.


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Hi Ned,
I have a video for you.
Intro to Rendering on Rhino for Mac

First run at it, so you understand it is not perfect.
It is overview plus some more nice features to improve your renderings.

This video from last year may also be helpful.
Modeling the Cart in Rhino for Mac
You will find rendering up at 1hr 50 minutes.

Let me know if it helps.