Rendering with lights and light-emitting materials

Good Morning from Washington, DC.

I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some help on rendering with creating and lamp by using a combination of lights and light-emitting materials. The reason why I am using both is the light-emitting material alone does not fully behave like a lamp as there appears to be little to no glow. And with the lights themselves the lamps are invisible. The problem that I am running into is when I try to create a globe lamp or a cylindrical lamp. I create a cylinder or sphere made of a brightness material and stick the lights inside of them. When I stick the lights inside of the them nothing happens. Its like no of the light ray can get through. By the way, I am using Brazil for Rhino 5. Please advise.

Check out this tutorial I made a while back…

So I have to create the light first than build the lamp over it?

this is the type light I want to create:

Also are there render farms services out there for brazil. I am not having any luck finding any.

I would model the objects that would be the LED or light bulbs in your light pole example. Then assign a Brazil brightness material to those objects and enable GI. Then use a Rectangular light set to the same color as the brightness mat to provide light on adjacent surfaces.

I don’t know of any Brazil render farm services.

Thanks so much Brian. It’s kind of unfortunate that there is not enough
demand for Brazil to be included in a cloud-based farm. For me, it’s
actually on par with Vray.

I first want to thank you once again for your wonderful videos. I just drew this lamp and am to the point of applying the brightness to the bulb. I noticed in the video when you go to materials there are only a few such as basic blend Brazil advanced Brazil brightness. I have looked in vain for these materials and as far as I can tell they are not on my computer. I did do a search (find) and nothing.

I have a very large materials folder on my machine that I made for all of the materials that I have downloaded and thought that perhaps I overwrote the original materials. My question where might I find these materials that were in fact on my machine with Rhino 4 and Rhino 5. My one thought is to reinstall Rhino 5 but am hoping this is not necessary.

Thank you in advance … All my best … Danny

The Brazil brightness material as well as any others that begin with Brazil are only available if Brazil is the active renderer. Check that first if you haven’t already. They aren’t part of a library but are default material templates for Brazil so you get them on installing the plugin.

Does that help?

Just playing with rendering and lo and behold I found it, figured I better come here and check and saw your message. This playing with materials is quite daunting but as with everything the more you play with it the better you get at it.

Thanks for getting back to me … All my best … Danny

I’m interested in a similar problem, but what if the top was a shade that has semi-see-through qualities.
Like a lampshade made from linen.