Emitting light from material?

I used to be on this forum a while ago be for it moved. Looks like we have been making great progress! Love Rhino for Mac!
So here is my question. Say I model a lightbulb, and assign it a material. Can I make that material emit light? if so how? I seem to remember on the the Windows side I used to be able to do that?
Also if it is possible what setting makes its so I can render it to light up and still see the rest of my model?

Thanks for your help

In short, you’d need Indirect Illumination or GI in the renderer to produce this effect and a non-biased engine would be the most realistic. Rhino Render doesn’t have GI and is not a non-biased renderer but you can fake the effect like this…
Fake_Bulb.3dm (61.3 KB)

The bulb material has a non black emission color in the advanced settings for it in the material editor. Then there is a rectangular light just below the bulb object.

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