Any up to date videos on using lights in Rhino?

I almost never use colors, textures, lights, in my work as what I do is mostly rapid “white models.” But lately I’ve been fiddling with colors and textures and wondering about lighting them. Are then any videos out there on using the lighting available in Rhino?

here’s a few-

make sure to check out the whole playlist.

Gracias. I see I’ve watched a coupe before. Any specific to interior closed building/forms using lights?

You don’t need Rhino-specific tutorials, lighting is lighting…as long as it’s for a similar type of renderer.

best advice is to light it as you would for real… if the room has table lamps and overheads, light it as it would be if you were doing it with real lighting. I like spotlight and panel lights, but emitter materials applied to things like light bulbs can be really effective.

If there are windows, make sure they are accurate with closed volumes (basically a thin cube with glass material assigned) if they are single surface, they won’t render correctly.

“Emitter materials”? I don’t see that in the light panel? Is this included in Rhino and where will I find it?

emission material sorry I mistyped it… are you using v7?

All the lights in the light panel are “fake” light sources that date back to the dawn of computer graphics and aren’t actual objects in your scene and aren’t realistic in any aspect. If you want your light sources to really look real, we can now actually put a lamp model in the scene and actually light it up–okay you’re probably not going to model the element and the scattering effect of the coating on the glass of the light bulb, you’re going to just make the outer bulb the actual light source with an emissive material.

A video explain this type of use is what I was inquiring about. e.g. I just made an object, assigned an emission material, gave it color, but it did nothing to the spaces it was inserted into. Adjusting its parameters in Rhino’s material manager also did nothing.

What are you rendering with? This stuff only works with the Cycles engine.

Only Rhino. And I’m think mostly in render mode, as raytracing takes to much time to see if it’s even close.

Oh, well OpenGl is totally different from Raytraced, it supports no advanced features like Emissive materials or being able to actually have light from outside bounce around an interior and light it up realistically, you have to ‘fake’ all of that using the ‘fake’ lights(and Ambient Occlusion, I guess.) Or actual reflection or refraction for that matter. So you need to dig up rendering tutorials from the 90s if you want to see what people could do under those constraints.

you will have to use raytrace mode (or do a render) to see effects of emissive materials-

Use the nvidia or intel denoisers to speed things up a bit.

I’m not sure what you mean re the denoisers. Is this part of the nVidia driver or an addon? Used in conjunction with rhino raytrace, or an additional application that needs to be installed and run?
I have a GTX 1060 6gb on my desktop, and RTX 2070 on my laptop.

you’re in for a treat NVIDIA OptiX™ AI-Accelerated Denoiser | NVIDIA Developer

Available through the package manager in Rhino.