Material glow from inner lamp in Rhino


How do I get a material to glow from the light of an inner lamp? I am trying to get a more realistic look on the attached paper shade but not sure how to do it, any advice much appreciated!

See attached file showing picture of the effect I’m after next to the model.

Also the emissive material how do I control this? I have just applied it to the lamp but it doesn’t seen to be emitting any light although I must admit I have not spent much time playing around with this as I am running out of time to submit my work (hence the use pf the point light)!

Thank you!

30 - LUK - Paper lamp FAMILY N FORUM.3dm (3.0 MB)

Just in case you cannot see the image in the file, here it is. Thanks in advance!
LU 3

Hi Nancy - I think you can do this with emissive materials and physically based ones - the glow should come from an emissive, or a physically based with an emissive channel, and the shade should be a physically based material with some IOR other than 1. Higher numbers make the diffusion greater.
It seems to pay to switch back and forth in a raytraced viewport, between raytraced and wireframe when a material (physically based) is edited, sometimes the changes do not register otherwise.

Shade_maybe.3dm (674.6 KB)


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Hi @nancy2,

You can use a PBR material with an emission channel as well as your emissive bulb object and the point light. I’d balance it all as shown in the attached with a few post effects too. Hope that helps.

30 - LUK - Paper lamp FAMILY N FORUM.3dm (2.3 MB)

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Hi Pascal, thanks for your reply and file…OK I am gradually getting my head round this! I must admit to forgetting to check the raytrace view, thanks for the reminder!

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the reply and file. Helpful :+1: The more I look at yours and Pascal’s files, the more I realise how little I have explored Rhino 7 (so many avenues to look down)! I have to make time to experiment.