Shadows in Rendering

How do I turn off shadows in rhino render for windows? it makes it hard to see what is going on in my design and would prefer if there were no shadows/shade.

Are you talking about the Rendered working display mode, or when you make a final rendering?

final rendering

Hi Brendan - add a light, say a Spotlight, and set its shadow intensity to zero (Properties), - does that get you what you need? If there is no light, Rhino uses an over the shoulder light with shadows.

The downside is it will not follow the camera like the default light. You can also try turning on Skylight - but this slows things down a good deal, potentially, and depends upon the current environment, (Lights panel, Environment panel, from the Panels menu)


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I turned on skylight and that gets rid of the shadow but it leaves the render fuzzy looking. I pretty much want my final render to look like it does in the editing environmentFireShot Capture 2 - VMware Horizon - https___midesktop.umich.edu_portal_desktop_index.html.pdf (277.6 KB) (see image, a render like the perspective section is what I am looking for)