Rendering in Brazil- missing items/ bottoms are black

Using the Brazil plug ins for rendering and I am coming across a few problems.
When trying to put a ground plane, it glitches out and everything disappears in the render and neon displays. This seems to only happen when using an High res photo for the environment. When trying to use the environment, typically ends up turning the rendered item black for the bottom material.

heads.3dm (650.0 KB)

This is what I see with your file…

I turned on the ground plane, moved it under the objects, added back the HDRI file which was one I made a long time ago I think but wasn’t embedded in your file. This HDRI was only 2000x1000 (I guess I didn’t use powers of 2 then!.. so young and naive) so maybe you are seeing the issue you described with another file that was larger. Please post that if you can and I’ll take a look. I’m using the latest Brazil and Neon available as well as Rhino 5 SR11.