Ground plane bug

There seems to be a problem with ground planes… I assign a material from the library to the ground plane (I used Product design -> Cast iron) -> open Render properties -> click any of the tree dropdowns (for instance 360 environment) -> the ground plane unchecks itself in the ground plane panel. If I check “Show Ground Plane” -> “Use a material” I get the default material and not the one I previously assigned. Clicking the material dropdown causes the “Show Ground Plane”-checkmark to dissappear again… So I have to click “Show Ground Plane” -> “Use a material” again.

@jdhill: I also noticed that pressing the IPR settings when rendering with Bella IPR in the viewport also causes the ground plane to dissappear / uncheck itself.


I also noticed (again) that the dropdowns take a long time to open… That’s a problem in V6 as well.


Before I install the version you are using to check this, could you please quickly check how these things work when you use raytraced, with rhino as current renderer? Reason for asking, I think this is not related to the plugin’s code, and I have not noticed it here, so it may also be mac-specific.

Meaning that literally, all the buttons/checkboxes/etc that you mention, are rhino’s, not ours.

Yes, I did that already. Same problem with Rhino render and raytraced / Cycles.

I thought so, but I wanted to mention Bella IPR settings just in case…


You mentioned specifically that dropdowns are also slow in v6, may I take this to mean you have checked the other things in v6 as well, and that they do not occur?

Another strange thing… I had to check “Rhino render” multiple times before I got it to stick. I reverted back to “Bella” all the time…
@dan, @Andy, @nathanletwory


Yes @jdhill, the ground plane thing doesn’t occur in V6,


Opening the floating material editor also makes the ground plane disappear - as well as switching between programs (for instance Rhino -> Mail -> Rhino).


For what it may be worth I just now recalled, I remember seeing something maybe similar to this on a v7 build, maybe 2 builds ago, on windows. In that case (in bella, not sure about cycles), the ground plane might disappear, or might be set at the wrong elevation, and it could be fixed, at least temporarily, by moving some object to force an update. However I am not sure if this corresponded to the ground plane checkbox actually being toggled in the gui, or if it was just different data being communicated to the plugin, and I do not recall having seen it in probably the last 2 wip builds.

No comments from McNeel yet… Does that mean that you can’t repeat it? It could be something odd with this computer, of course.


I can’t reproduce the ground plane unchecking itself after selecting 360°C.

Steps I took:

  1. Start Rhino
  2. New document
  3. Open GroundPlane panel
  4. Select use material
  5. Add new material from library
  6. Open Rendering panel
  7. Activate 360° Environment

Note, I don’t have Bella installed, so used only Rhino Render.

Hmmm ok… I couple of days ago a had a lock-up here which forced me to turn off the computer by pressing and holding the power button.

  • It started when I pressed the material ‘dot’ in the layer panel
  • Rhino freezes
  • Force quit
  • Trying to start Rhino again
  • The Rhino icon is jumping for a while and Rhino is not starting
  • Trying to start Rhino again
  • Nothing happens
  • Tried to shut down the computer -> have to force quit Rhino first
  • Trying to force quit
  • Nothing happens
  • Turning off computer by pressing and holding power button

After all this Rhino seems to behave - and also no ground plane problems since that.


Does Rhino WIP still freeze for you when you click on the material dot in the layer panel?

Again, I’m working with only Rhino Render here

Hasn’t happened since (had the same problem I V6, by the way). It can take some time though - especially with a new model. Hmm… I wonder if that has something to do with the materials having to be downloaded first?


I would be surprised if downloading the texture images for the material is the problem. The textures for materials in our current material library are all rather tiny.

In v7 previews are rendered with Cycles if Rhino Render is the default renderer. Maybe that is taking a moment?

I had Bella as the default renderer. Switching to Rhino render doesn’t seem to make a difference. Sometimes the delay is only (?) 5 seconds, but just a moment ago I had the beachball spinning for about 30 seconds…


System info: iMac Pro.txt (6.3 KB)


Not sure where the delay comes from, your iMacPro1,1 looks powerful enough to me.

Does this delay happen also with materials you have already used before in other places?

I’m not sure… perhaps not. The whole thing just seems so random. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds and sometimes 30 (and sometimes even longer). I know this isn’t very helpful…