Brazil GI Environment & Shadows

Using Brazil GI Environment with HDR, no shadows being cast on ground. If I put in a ground plane it has it’s own texture and doesn’t look like the ground of the HDR. This is my first attempt at using HDR for background & lighting. Is it something I am over looking? Below is a rendering of the results. Thanks


I am no expert in Brazil at all but I think you always need a ground plane to cast shadows in.

To “see” the HDR try making the ground plane extremelly reflective.

Another option is to place that HDR image in a vertical plane to act as a background and again create a ground plane to cast the shadows


you must :

1)insert an infinite plane or use the button on brazil palette
2) after,you must use a particular material on it,called Brazil matte material with reflection 0

important set up % reflection to 1% o less\or more

I’ve used ground planes before, but never tried making them super reflective to see how that shows the environment. I’ll see if it detracts or not from the overall picture. Thanks for the input everyone.

Ok I used the ground plane with the Brazil Matte material which I had never tried… and that did work. Thanks Agesandros. And nice model / render!

YES!!!glad to help you!
that material is used for catch all shadows on the plane !very usefull for studio render like that!