Bug: Raytraced issue with HDRI and ground plane material

Hi @nathanletwory there is a big error in how Raytraced handles really dark HDRI,s. Replace the hdri in the default environment with this one: (had to zip it since discourse doesn’t allow the HDRI file format)
Black HDRI with one light.zip (1.5 KB)

and then make a box with default material and set the groundplane to a 100% black material (not shadows only)

This is what I get:

Now set the material to Hue:0 Sat:0 and VAL=2 (veeery dark gray) and this is my result, the ground is way to light:

And another thing, if I set the multiplier to 0.99 instead of 1 then this is the result:

I will be working on a related HDRi environment bug once I’m done with the upstream Cycles merge.

As always you can find my entire todo list here, and what currently is necessary for 6.0 here

Thanks for your continued testing :slight_smile:


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