Rendering Improvements in Rhino 6

I have downloaded Rhino6 WIP.
i have used the materials given in the library but the output of it is really bad.
Have used diamond and emearld from the gem option.
Do i need to give any other setting for this??
also i want the background to be black.bcoz of that the entire image looks black.also tired adding lights but it didnt help.

Please help me to get this right.

OK - almost all of the color for an object of this sort is reflected. The key is going to have your reflective background set to something useful - and Rhino 6 is set up that way by default. Ideally you should just be able to use the default settings, and set the background color to black.

Rhino 6 has a “custom reflective background” on by default - and it is set to a studio environment image. That’s what you should see reflected in the ring. Since I’m not seeing that, I’m assuming you have made some other changes to the defaults.

Can you post the 3dm file?

  • Andy

please help me with your email id.uploading here is taking time.

I bet your imported file had previous rendering settings. Click the restore to defaults button on the bottom of the Rendering panel. Any luck?

with default setting the output is like this.
no colour shades are coming on the facets of the stones.

Now change your background color to black.

Then open the environment editor, and change the intensity of the background texture (the HDR texture) until it looks better. You might also want to change the rotation a little bit.

Again - if you can post the file, you will probably get better and more specific advice. My email address is

  • Andy

here in this image i have changed the background colour to black.

after changing the background i am gtng this output

There is no actual ring in your model, only the gems - that’s why the colors change so much when you change the background - most of the color is coming from the background.

I don’t have that panel. It doesn’t show up in the drop down list for panel options.
Where else should I look for it?

Use the Raytraced display mode instead. There appears to be a bug with how Rhino Render is rendering these settings. I’ve filed it as . Thanks for the report… this is a good time to let us know if anything needs attention in the WIP. Please post separate threads on the forum or email as stuff comes up.

Under the Panels drop down menu it’s called Render Settings and the panel is open by default in the Rhino 6 WIP. Are you using the v6 WIP?

Yes- there is a bug in the gem material at the moment.

My bad. I forgot I was in the Serengeti thread.

I just arranged the gems to see the effect.
Now let me see what is happening with the metal.
But after adding metal the black shade will get reduced??


OK - there’s nothing wrong with Rhino Render. The problem is specifically with the Gem material - and that will be fixed in a forthcoming release of Rhino WIP. Here are two images made with Rhino Render today.

I corrected the emeralds by switching to “custom” and copying the transparency color to the reflection color (so they are both green).

The other thing I changed - and this is something for @brianj to think about - is that I switched the default studio HDR reflection background to the “uffizi” image and pumped up the intensity (10x and 35x). Jewelry photography is usually done under very bright lighting.

Oh - and I added a gold band. You probably noticed!

Sure, switching the HDR is an option. The range is going to vary between HDRs so it might not always require such a large multiplier. Busier scenes do tend to work better for gems but I have found they also increase noise in skylight shadows for models with a ground. I prefer a monochrome blurred scene as the default but we can of course include more in the library.

Yes - understood. Clearly we need some more defaults in the library.


Emerald looks ok in this image but diamonds are faded completely.
i need spark in the diamonds.colourstone we dont generally use for all the products.diamond is the main key for jewelry.
sir,also can you explain me in detail about the changes you have done.