Rendering Diamonds in Rhino 6

Can anyone give me advice on rendering a diamond in Rhino 6? Round Diamonds come out much better because of all the facets, but other shapes come out more like glass at best. settings I tried

and one result

Hello - Are you starting with a Gem material or starting from scratch with a custom material?


Custom . I don’t know why the first jpeg uploaded is greyed out until I clicked on it but that is my setting. Thanks

Hello - well, you might try starting from Gem - Color is black, and Fresnel reflection enabled, gloss 100. Is that any better or different? (Raytraced viewport is also worth a try for this - looks more sparkely here)


Thank you. I will try your suggestions out.

Hey man, I have a file with a scene I made for testing rendering speed for Holomark3,
I can send it to you in a PM (personal message) if you like.

But it needs you to set the Cycles clamping to 3.

Here is what it looks like with default clamping (0) and it only gets worse with more passes.
(I used 150 passes on these)
@nathanletwory could you consider setting 3 as default (I know we have talked about that before though)

Thanks. Can you explain Where the setting for " Cycles clamping" is? Don’t know anything about that setting.

Sure, I’ll send the file in a few minutes.

You make a new button and paste this macro into it:


And make another button with settings =0 to revert it back to default if you like.

(Or you just type RhinoCycles_SetRenderOptions hit enter and set the two clamp settings manually.)


Thank you . Will have to play with that. Need to understand a little of what RhinoCycles are, because I haven’t the slightest clue.

Pascal ,
I’m trying Gem > Diamond and see no settings at all

Hello - right, but if you change the ‘Type’ to Custom, you’ll see what is used.


I’m surprised, that one can’t expand the “Gem” material (all the preset Materials) to have more control, without having to start from scratch with a custom material.

Hello - if you start with any of the canned materials and change the Type to Custom, you get all the settings used by that pre-set material as the starting point.


Did not know that. Thanks for all your help

Hi, can someone share the setting with me to render diamonds?

I have tried the custom settings above and it does not work.