Rendering jewellery help & feedback! PBR, textures, lighting

Hey all.

I’ve been through all the relevant tutorials on Rhino’s website, as well as picking through some old files uploaded to the forums as examples, while learning to use Rhino 7’s inbuilt rendering engine. The results I am getting are ok but not great, and I was wondering if anyone here would be able to point me to more resources or provide some useful feedback so I can get my renders looking a little better. I am just using a few diamond settings as a test file, that are not set up as render models (no fillets, claws still extended) so I understand that brings the final image down somewhat - but the lighting and realism of the materials, including the groundplane, are the biggest issue to me. I have tried to use a fabric PBR as the ground to no avail and can’t seem to find much help in setting it up properly. Appreciate anything you’ve got for me! Cheers.
Render studio no panel
White ground
Render studio.3dm (11.4 MB)

The goal is to achieve something close to this one day, said knowing it may not be possible with Rhino Render - but I know I have room for improvement!

In the following shot I

  1. changed reflection and skylight environment to a more muted environment without big or many high energy spots/light sources - Renaissance Hotel from Rhino in this case
  2. decreased the polish on the paint used on the groundplane surface dramatically
  3. set ground plane paint color to a gray

The white facets are achieved with appropriately located rectangular lights

If you want different colored lighting you can pick an environment that has the tones you want

In the following I used Peppermint Powerplant 2 from (very useful HDRi resource) to get a blueish lighting

Trying some different colors on the stones for fun

And letting it cook for a bit longer might help.

Also I think internal reflections of stones look better when there are no surfaces intersecting them. I cut out parts from the prongs that hold the stones so that there are no intersections. On the right the adjusted prongs - you can see there are a bit nicer and more intricate inner reflections going on now.

But that might be a taste thing.

By no means am I a jewellery renderer expert, but maybe these pointers help a bit. And I’m sure on the forum we find people who know better than I do :slight_smile:

edit: adding one more render after searching for some more HDRi maps from, this time with Kloofendal 28d Misty, pure sky, rotated to 186 degrees and intensity turned down to 0.12 (since the HDRi has quite high energy sun in it).

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We’ve luckily got @ThomasAn on this forum who knows a metric ton about rendering in general and already had posted entire prefab scenes with lightning etc for jewelry rendering purposes in Rhino Cycles. I hope to lure him here by @ing him.

I don’t know. Maybe this could be an option with Cycles ?

Render (12.9 MB)


Appreciate your time fellas. Nathan, I like the set up with those coloured stones you did - so that is just with a fairly neutral environment and a well positioned rectangular light? I’m actually just trying to get a realistic, consistently lit image rather than evoke a particular mood - boring I know.

Further, any good tutorials on using PBR materials? I’m trying to make the groundplane a textile and can’t get it to look right - wrong scale, looks flat etc… Thanks in advance.