Rendering deformed and jagged objects

Hi, I’m trying to render my scene, but my extrusions keep getting stuffed up. For curved objects, edges are jagged and for rectangular extrusions, they’re deformed. Not sure what the problem is is. I’ve set the render mesh quality to custom and set the density to 1.0, increased the absolute tolerance to 0.0001, and moved the model to the origin (0,0,0) but still no luck. I’ve tried rendering on the Rhino Renderer, Twinmotion and VRay.

If you want us to have a look at your file you can share it via Rhino - Upload to Support - I’ll get a notification when the upload is ready.

The render error is still indicative of far-from-origin problem. We’ll know better when we can check your file.

Hey Nathan,
Thank you for your response. I’ve uploaded the file

Your model is anything but close to world origin. The following screenshot is taken with my mouse cursor over the gray buildings. The coordinates show in the bottom left. On the right you can see the camera location and its target.

6.18x1^9 is anything but close to the world origin.

You probably should create your model in meter unit scale. I doubt you need 0.001 of a millimeter precision…

I added a point at the world origin:

Your geometry is so far from it that it is just a dot on the left. Anyway, bringing your whole model to it still has the problem of model unit setting.

To get useful renderings you should:

  1. select everything
  2. use _Move to bring it all around world origin
  3. right-click on millimeters in the status bar, select unit settings...
  4. change from millimeters to meters, say yes to scale the model.

Now you should be able to use Rhino Render with much more success.

Btw, for your frosted turquoise glass you may want to bump up the clarity to 70% or higher, because with very low clarity your glass will look mostly black.

clarity 0%

clarity 100%

Hey Nathan, thank you very much! The problem I had was I didn’t select a point on the model to move from, and instead eyeballed from the perspective view. All along I thought I had moved it to the origin. I’ve been able to move it and the renders are much better now!

Thank you for the tip! I’ll update that

Have fun working with Rhino!

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