Deforming of render

When rendering very often object turns out to be more or less deformed. I know that one of the problems can be that the objects are to far from the 0,0,0 point. But even when I place them back to origin the form doesnt change. How can I tackle this problem?

There might be a topic about it but I coudnt find it.

kind regards, Henk

Could you please export one or more of the deformed objects into a separate file and post it please?
I suspect there may be a crease splitting issues or maybe “bad” objects that are buggering up the render meshes.

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply. I tried several things, like cleaning the complete file, I exported it to a new file, saved it small. The deforming is still there.

test ivm deform.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hi Henk,

Your file is set to Meters and the tolerance to 0.001 .
In combination with the mesh settings set to Jagged and Faster you end up with this horrible rendermesh.
Set the Mesh settings to Smooth and Slower and you get a nice detail


Williem is right, your tolerance is a bit coarse but not terrible. The rule of thumb is to have your tolerance set to 1 order of magnitude smaller than the smallest modeled detail. You have some bits that are close to 1 millimeter in size so a 0.0001 meter tolerance is indicated.

It also looks like you originally modeled this a long way from the coordinate origin. This and the loose tolerance contributed to making poorly fitting render meshes.
After moving close to the origin, run _ClearAllMeshes and switch back to a shaded display. This will make better fitting meshes that shade correctly.


Hi Willem and John,
That was quite a simple task. thanks.