Rendering as "Rendered View"

Is there any way to make a high quality render that matches the rendered view?

This simple rendering style that just uses Ambient Occlusion looks great for technical drawings but has a lot of aliasing when exported directly with ‘ViewCaptureToFile’.

Ideally, I want to render it as it looks in rendered view but with higher graphics settings.

Any advice much appreciated

Hi Tim,

you can improve the output quality by tweaking the OpenGL setting in Rhino or in the graphics card driver settings.

This is mostly enough for me

This still looks pretty poor on my project.

Is there any way to do a render with Rhino that ignores lights and just uses Ambient Occlusion?

Hi Tim

Could it be you need a higher resolution?

If you run “-ViewCaptureToFile” (notice the - infront) you can capture at higher resolutions.