Rendering with Cycles instead of Rhino Render

I was trying to find a category for beginners, I didn’t find it, for that reason I post here! :slight_smile:

We are getting really nice results with Cycles in the viewport, but when I click on Render, I see Rhino Render in the dialog. I was checking Render, Set Current Render, but is not on the list.

The solution I found is ViewCaptureOnFile, but I don’t know if it the best solution.

What is the best way to render an 800x600 render with cycles? :slight_smile:



I’d use -ViewCaptureToFile and set the resolution as you want, as well as the number of passes you want to render at.


/Nathan Letwory
Raytraced integration developer

p.s. in Rhino WIP the Rhino Render is Cycles, so will be the same as Raytraced when pressing the render button.