Rendered View Shadow Quality


In ‘rendered’ view (real time render viewing) using the scene lighting with skylight on within an environment, I can’t seem to smooth out the shadows. Is there a way to smooth these out?

I’ve tried to max out the

The attached shows an interior section with a 2 walls and a ceiling - one wall has window cut-outs from where most of the light from the environment is entering the space.



That’s as good as it gets I’m afraid.


Any other method you recommend for good quality screengrabs?


tried, but it’s very dark - it’s a train interior with side windows letting the environment in.

you can amp the hdri multiplier for the environment and you’ll get a bit more fill in the shadows with neon. Also a classic trick is to use the - version of capturetofile and then scal up 2 or 4 times the final output size.

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I can’t seem to scale up the capturetofile. How do you do it. I remember having this option in previous versions - I running ver5 SR6 64-bit.


This is what I get. There doesn’t seem to be any option for increasing the size.

Enter file name, click “Save” and you should see the option in next step, look at the command prompt (providing that you used hyphen before command name).

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Great thanks. It works now. It was the hyphen…